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Built and designed by clinicians, for clinicians, the MEDHOST EHR is a fully-integrated system of healthcare data tools and resources that works to support your entire staff throughout the entire care continuum. In this demo we outline core EHR functionalities and how it helps support your hospital team along various important touchpoints in the patient journey.

Every member of the hospital staff has the potential to positively impact patient outcomes, experiences, and the over health of your hospital finances. Clinicians, executives, IT experts, and other members of your teams need an EHR that empowers them to both improve patient care and operate with more efficiency. The MEDHOST EHR offers all of this and more.

With intuitive tracking, charting, and reporting systems, the MEDHOST EHR acts as a powerful tool for all end-users with functionality tailored to each expert’s core duties. Beginning with the emergency department and following into patient registration and documentation, managing physician orders and ePrescriptions, scheduling, billing and post discharge patient experience—our fully-integrated medical health records system is a comprehensive approach to mastering the entire care continuum.

Watch the video and see for yourself how the MEDHOST EHR and its several components can help add efficiency to your hospital’s entire workflow, improve quality of care, and promote a continuous positive patient experience.

To learn more about how the MEDHOST EHR can enhance your facility’s quality of care and overall operations; email us at or call us at 1.800.383.6278.

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