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YourCare Marketing

YourCare Marketing offers digital marketing automation designed to continue engaging with your patients and community beyond just the four-walls of the hospital. When patients and community members make a choice for healthcare services, you want to ensure that your hospital or clinics are top of mind. Our marketing solutions offer your facilities with a low-cost and effective way to engage with patients and the overall community, ultimately increasing occupancy in your facilities.

We have a variety of programs to fit your budget and our team can augment and support your existing marketing efforts with ease.

YourCare Marketing Solution can include:

  • Facility customized digital and printed materials to encourage more patient activity with their patient portal
  • Educational monthly newsletters
  • Focused targeted campaigns tied to encourage usage of specific service lines within the hospital or clinics
  • Focused campaigns to increase awareness on health and wellness offerings within the hospital or clinics
  • Notices to promote participation in upcoming events
  • Social Media management


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YourCare Everywhere is empowering patients and improving the way healthcare providers offer comprehensive care. Currently, chronic and acute conditions are primarily managed by the patient outside the provider’s office with little or no interaction with their provider.