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Tuesday May 17, 2022

Automated 837 claim file generation and delivery with advanced visibility

In rural communities across the country, the business practices and processes that hospital staff once relied on are being strained by a host of emergent challenges, from workforce shortages to crumbling infrastructure, leading some to reimagine the role that automation can play in optimizing the revenue cycle. 

Effective revenue cycle management is only achievable when healthcare providers can not only view their claims data but also automate the tedious 837 claim process. The new MEDHOST Automated 837 Claim Generation and Delivery solution helps you successfully meet the requirements for the generation of HIPAA compliant electronic 837 transactions and code sets and saves you time in the daily processing through automated transfers of the 837 claim files to pre-defined intermediaries. The value add is the reduction in submission errors and hence the reduction in delayed payments due to trivial human errors. 

 The 837 transaction sets are electronic documents critical to healthcare and must be met under HIPAA 5010 requirements. A critical part of the hospital payment process, the 837-transaction set is the electronic submission of healthcare claim information. Healthcare service providers are required to comply with HIPAA EDI standards when medical claims to payers are submitted in electronic format. However, these processes, when manual, can create multiple problems such as missing or delayed claims while putting a significant strain on your hospital staff. 

 The solution automates the generation of the claim files during the facility day-end in MEDHOST Enterprise. It sends the files to the respective clearinghouse or facility-specific SFTP location utilizing MEDHOST cloud-based transmission service. With the multi-tenant activity dashboard, multi-hospital organizations can verify the claim files and view reconciliation reports providing an additional benefit of validating claims across multiple facilities at the corporate level. From an administration perspective, the daily status emails can be set to send to your inbox to maintain complete visibility and access to reports.  

 Automated 837 Claim Generation and Delivery solution optimizes human resources and reduces manual claim submission work and works to quickly move claims out of your facility to clearinghouses accelerating your revenue cycle and working to eliminate missing claims. The built-in retry file transfer feature can save your staff time because it makes the process failsafe and completely automated.  

 To learn more about the Automated 837 Claim Generation and Delivery, please reach out to your Customer Success Executive or email

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