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Tuesday April 16, 2024

Community Voices Shaping Clinical Solutions

At MEDHOST, our customers are caretakers. Whether that’s nurses, registrars, or physicians, their focus is on the patients. These individuals rely on MEDHOST systems and tools to provide unwavering support to their communities. Ensuring that they have positive experiences with our products and services is not just a priority; it's a necessity for delivering the highest possible standard of care.

We work with community healthcare providers all across the country, and their challenges are as diverse as the people they serve. As longstanding partners of such a close-knit industry, we’ve come to understand the power of collaboration in overcoming any challenge, and we follow that example when creating solutions for our customers.

We do this by actively listening to user feedback, instituting processes for system improvements, and providing expert guidance on achieving these objectives.

Whether it's offering insights into leading practices related to change control and governance processes, delivering tailored training and educational resources, or providing specialized services to address resource gaps, MEDHOST is committed to supporting our customers at every stage of their journey.

Breaking Down Barriers

We have a diverse range of expert teams within our organization, all of whom interact with customers from the very beginning of their journey with MEDHOST.

We believe in a unified approach, bridging inter-departmental divides, to ensure our planning, implementation, market strategies, and support systems align perfectly with our customers' needs.

Here’s a closer look at all the different roles we have committed to improving the end-user experience, and how we’re working to fine-tune our alignment with the evolving needs of community hospitals:

Development Team

Comprising both front- and back-end experts, our development team envisions the future of our product and continuously works to enhance its capabilities over time.

Sales Team

This team works closely with customers to demonstrate what MEDHOST has to offer. They are dedicated to understanding the unique needs and goals of each facility we work with.

Implementations Team

Responsible for the installation and deployment of our products, this team ensures that customers experience a smooth transition to MEDHOST solutions. These individuals are committed to supporting users during every stage of the live deployment phase.

Customer Support Team

Our customer support team plays a crucial role in handling day-to-day support for healthcare facilities. They are readily available to address any challenges that may arise during our customers' partnership with us.
While these teams have distinct roles, they all share a common objective: placing the customer at the forefront of everything we do.

Crushing the Rural Health Crisis

In rural healthcare communities, hospital staff often find themselves wearing multiple hats. Unlike more well-funded institutions in metropolitan areas or university hospitals, these facilities are called to do more with less.

Our approach to supporting this vital healthcare sector involves actively engaging with our customer base, staying abreast of industry trends, and creating partnerships that support their interests. We step outside the confines of our office and immerse ourselves in the world of those who live and work in these areas. By sitting down and listening to the individuals who are on the front lines, we gain a more intimate understanding of where their needs aren’t being met.

Through these interactions, we've identified both challenges and opportunities. It's clear that there’s a real chance to provide these professionals with the tools they need to thrive and deliver exceptional care.

The Service Mentality

To continually enhance the user experience for our customers, we've developed two new comprehensive programs: Civitas and the CXI Connection Series. These initiatives, which join our Customer Experience Department, are designed to gather insights, drive improvement, and provide an elevated level of support to our users.

Let's take a closer look at how these programs are making a difference:

MEDHOST Customer Experience Department

Our Customer Experience Department is dedicated to uncovering the root causes of our customers' pain points and implementing effective strategies for improvement. We take a multifaceted approach to address these challenges:

Tailored Training Videos

We create training videos designed specifically for certain user types who may be encountering common challenges across our customer base. These videos provide targeted guidance to address specific issues and enhance user proficiency.

Quick Step Guides and Job Aids

To tackle challenging scenarios at customer touchpoints, we develop quick-step guides and job aids. These resources offer clear and concise instructions for navigating intricate situations, ensuring our customers can overcome obstacles without having to pick up the phone.

Personalized Customer Engagement

We engage directly with our customers to understand their unique needs and challenges. By spending time with them, we gain valuable insights into their pain points and requirements. This personal touch allows us to identify opportunities for improvement tailored to their specific circumstances.

Consulting Services

In cases where our customers require additional support with system configuration and implementation, we offer consulting services. These services can bridge the gap when customers lack the necessary in-house staff or expertise to complete certain tasks.

Overall, the Customer Experience Department is deeply committed to identifying opportunities for enhancement and crafting strategies to assist our customers effectively. We strive to provide tailored solutions that address their unique challenges and empower them to excel in their healthcare roles.


The Civitas program, aptly named after the Latin word for community, was developed last year through a series of interactions with our customers. A six-week consulting program, it’s meticulously designed to gather insights into how customers utilize our products and to pinpoint opportunities for enhancing their overall experience.

Focused Assessments

Within Civitas, we concentrate on the areas that can have the most significant impact on our customers. We employ a comprehensive approach, combining user surveys, remote assessments to evaluate system configuration and infrastructure, and an in-person event with our customer experience team.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Through these assessments, we gather a wealth of information and develop recommendations aimed at driving continuous improvement and enhancing the user experience. Civitas—building community—is one of our highest priorities as we continually seek to elevate user satisfaction.

By sitting down and listening to the individuals who are on the front lines, we gain a more intimate understanding of where their needs aren’t being met.

MasterClass: Applying Insights Broadly

But it doesn't stop there. We take the valuable insights gathered from individual clients and conduct an analysis that spans all the sites we've visited. When we identify recurring pain points across multiple locations, we take action to address them on a broader scale.

Leveraging Collective Knowledge

This insight forms the foundation of our MasterClass Series, our second program. This series leverages not only the findings from Civitas but also insights from various activities, applying this collective knowledge more broadly.

Sharing Insights with Users

To ensure our users benefit from this wealth of knowledge, we actively distribute information through targeted emails and make it readily available on our MEDHOST community resources. Our aim is to provide users with the support and insights they need to excel in their healthcare roles and make the most of our solutions.

At the start of 2024, we pledged to cultivate a closer bond with our users. It’s been a journey shaped by unknowns, airline miles, challenges, and opportunities; but ultimately defined by a deepening commitment to our customers and the generation of innovative solutions that have reshaped what’s possible for community providers.

Every piece of feedback received, each meaningful dialogue, and the challenging discussions that required courage and transparency have been instrumental. They've not only enhanced our understanding but also strengthened the very foundation of the care community we envision.

A heartfelt and profound thank you goes out to every individual, team, and partner who has contributed to this transformative journey.

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