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Tuesday September 19, 2023

Fast-Tracking Emergency Care: The Advantages of ED Online Check-In

If you’ve ever been stuck in an ER waiting room for hours, you know that it can be a downright miserable experience.

Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more common. ER wait times are on the rise. Resources are saturated, staff workloads are high, patient acuity is higher, and many facilities are way beyond capacity. Some of these factors are out of staff control. However, certain workflow processes and EHR tools can alleviate the pressure.

Today, we're diving into something that might just revolutionize how emergency rooms operate and, ultimately, save lives: ED Online Check-In.

The Consequences of ED Backlog

Besides potentially compromising patient safety and jeopardizing health outcomes, excessive wait time is frustrating for patients, physicians, and hospital administration. In addition to providing safe, cost-effective, and efficient care, it’s important for hospitals to ensure healthcare consumers have a satisfactory experience.

There are also considerable financial consequences to consider. Meeting these clinical quality measures and patient satisfaction are government mandates. A low score in these areas can impact payer revenue, which ties back to value-based pricing.

With regard to Medicare, plan reimbursements are determined by comparing compliance with clinical performance guidelines and patients’ perception of care quality. If a hospital gets lower scores, it may get lower reimbursement rates.

Solving the Waiting Game

Solving ED backlog problems starts by addressing systemic issues that delay moving patients from the ED to inpatient floors. To proactively address patient flow operations, hospital administrators, IT directors, physicians, and nursing staff are looking to web-based EDIS tools.

ED Online Check-In represents a paradigm shift in how patients access emergency medical services. By harnessing the power of smartphone technology and QR code scanning, patients can now pre-register themselves, sidestepping the traditional pre-registration procedures that often entail frustrating wait times.

This solution is also considerate of demographics and user engagement preferences. Whether the patient is a tech-savvy smartphone user or prefers assisted check-in using on-site devices, ED Online Check-In fosters a more intuitive overall experience.

A Digital Triage System

Online Check-In solutions hold the power to transform emergency care access. The benefits ripple across clinics and hospitals, creating a positive impact at every touchpoint in the care continuum.

Imagine you’ve just rushed into the ED with an emergency. You're greeted at the registration desk and right there, front and center, is a QR code. This QR code isn’t so you can follow someone on social media, it's there to streamline your check-in process by asking some basic questions, like who you are, what's going on, and how severe the issue seems to be.

As soon as you fill out these questions, this QR code becomes your ticket to expedited care. The ED staff can immediately see how critical your situation is compared to others in line. Think of it as a digital triage system.

In busy Emergency Departments, time is of the essence. Those critical patients, the ones where seconds and minutes matter, need to be seen ASAP. But with long registration lines and extensive processes, that can be difficult. With a digital triage system, ED staff can focus on those who need their expertise the most, without the hassle of sifting through stacks of paperwork.

A Trusted Partner in Emergency Care

For over 35 years, MEDHOST has been helping healthcare facilities of all types and sizes enhance patient care and operations. Since its inception, the company has provided industry-leading emergency care management through a comprehensive EDIS platform.

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