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Four Reasons Why Your Organization Needs an Engagement Strategy

Federal mandates, shifting payment models and consumer demands coupled with competition, brand loyalty and cultural digitalization are fueling disruptive change within the healthcare industry.

Disruption of this magnitude has challenged the business of healthcare. Also, demonstrated that the status quo in many healthcare areas is unsustainable, including patient engagement initiatives. If you don’t have a full-spectrum engagement strategy, it is time to seriously think about it.

There are multiple reasons why you must have an engagement strategy, but here are the top four:
  1. Quality - Patient engagement has a potential to improve quality of care and lower costs. The key reasons for investing in patient engagement are attached to evolving population demands and governmental actions to mitigate healthcare expenditures.
  2. Reimbursement - Disease management in the United States is shifting from acute to chronic conditions. Specifically, this account for three of every four dollars spent on health care. Successful healthcare organizations can manage populations cost and improve wellness effectively through active patient engagement.
  3. Satisfaction -whether it’s a hospital, an accountable care organization (ACO) or PCMH, compensations is going to be linked to patient experience.
  4. Loyalty - Legislation isn’t the only thing triggering change in the U.S. healthcare industry. Consumerism and competition are driving healthcare providers to rethink how they provide healthcare services. Patients are now Customers first and with their expectations for service much higher.

Patient Engagement-

Patient engagement has emerged as an essential component of any healthcare organization’s strategy. Especially, for survival in the era of value-based purchasing, care-based bundled payments and shared savings programs.

An effective patient engagement strategy should be a cornerstone of every healthcare organization’s strategic plan in 2015. Healthcare organizations cannot create engaged patients as a silo and without a strategic approach, and engagement is paramount to survival.

MEDHOST has developed a highly customizable assessment tool and a prescriptive strategy to provide healthcare leaders with a blueprint for providing logistics for patient engagement, community positioning and consumer loyalty.

MEDHOST’s COMPASS program links consumer behavior while driving organizational strategy with innovative market and community positioning with innovative performance improvement consulting to position organizations to sustain and thrive within new world economics.

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