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Tuesday March 29, 2022  |  Holly Evans, Senior Vice President, Customer Success & Marketing

Our HIMSS22 Reflections: Re-imagining Care and Innovative Partnerships

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to join a few MEDHOST team members and healthcare IT colleagues from around the country at HIMSS22 in Orlando, Florida. With everything happening in the backdrop of healthcare in America over the past few years, this gathering could not have been more crucial. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many people working towards a shared goal of reimagining health and the role technology plays in optimizing the healthcare experience.

Healthcare delivery across the globe has been extremely disrupted due to the pandemic. HIMSS22’s theme focused not on the challenges presented through the pandemic but on the opportunities to "reimagine healthcare" through the lessons those challenges taught the industry.

Attendance was not as big as in previous HIMSS events. Still, it was exciting and relieving to get back to in-person events. The virtual meeting space has been an incredible asset to organizations across the country, enabling us to safely keep in touch and conduct business with our partners and customers. However, I believe many in our industry would agree the privilege to engage with your colleagues in person cannot be understated for an event of this magnitude.

More noticeable this year was the high level of participation by smaller companies. It was refreshing to see these organizations use this heightened platform to showcase their innovations and join in on the fun. This behavior alone sent a clear message to me that even with all the barriers to success thrown in our path, the desire to learn, engage, and collaborate with healthcare leaders representing all aspects of patient care delivery is still well and alive.

Some of the more popular technology themes that resonated with me and others in our organization encompassed digital experiences, data sharing, and cybersecurity.

At the MEDHOST booth, we were excited to preview all our innovations, including a new physician-centric solution, MEDHOST Mobile Physician. Stacey Holman, MEDHOST VP Product Management, was given the fantastic opportunity to share an overview of the latest mobile solution at the Amazon booth.

In her presentation, Stacey spoke on the advantages of collaborating with AWS technologies and how that relationship has laid the groundwork for giving our physician users a secure way to stay connected to their care workflows from any location.

As our industry becomes more consumer value-focused, which often translates to a digital-first experience, MEDHOST has emphasized finding ways to enhance those experiences for patients and providers. Our time at HIMSS22 connecting with partners and industry leaders strengthens our foundation needed to support that mission. We look forward to HIMSS23 and are excited to see our provider partners join us in Chicago!

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