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Tuesday August 9, 2022

How Clinician-Driven EHR Design Improves the Anesthesia Experience

As a critical step in the surgical care process, anesthesia solutions should complement all other aspects of the patient-provider experience.

Without being fully integrated into an operating room’s (OR) perioperative platform, the anesthesia documentation process can create friction related to delays in time-sensitive communications and continuity of care.

In this blog, we discuss how a comprehensive perioperative application can remove obstacles to a collaborative environment that promotes surgeon satisfaction, improved patient outcomes, and accelerated OR throughput.

Data That Works for Your OR

As a national EHR provider, MEDHOST helps healthcare systems of all sizes curate large amounts of clinical data used for tracking and documentation throughout the perioperative continuum.

After years of providing this service, an obvious, and somewhat universal pain point started to take shape: with so much information, it can be easy for stakeholders to find themselves set adrift mid-procedure on a sea of documentation and timestamps that don’t add up.

Taking these volumes of raw data and turning them into actionable insights that OR teams can use at the point of care requires intelligent, layered solutions.

Through the integration of smart healthcare technologies, all the necessary documentation of a patient’s journey, leading up to, during, and after a procedure—including anesthesia— can live in the same, easy-to-use platform.

MEDHOST Anesthesia Experience

MEDHOST Anesthesia Experience™ acts as an added feature of the MEDHOST Perioperative Experience™, which was designed with input from nurses and physicians to reduce workflow disruptions and support the entire surgical experience.

This add-on provides quick access to medication documentation, vitals graphing, anesthesia charting and orders—all contained within one comprehensive, clinician-driven application.

Anesthesia Documentation

Anesthesia documentation is an in-depth account of patient care during the various stages of anesthesia, from pre-anesthesia questionnaires and assessments to post-op monitoring.

Although it’s an integral part of a complex process that involves many moving parts and requires precise coordination between various team members, anesthesia documentation is often treated as a standalone delivery of care.

Without fully integrating anesthesia documentation, delays in the exchange of information between OR team members can cause unnecessary bottlenecks and threaten patient safety.

MEDHOST Anesthesia Experience reduces these delays, and improves patient outcomes, with:

  • Quick and easy in-case access to electronic anesthesia care documentation
  • Automated anesthesia record retention at the end of cases
  • Streamlined digital anesthesia care documentation during procedures

Patient Transfer

When the responsibility of a patient is transferred from one anesthesiologist to another, efficient communication is vital to preserve the quality and continuity of care. To do this, providers must be able to focus as much on the patient as possible. Vitals graphing and anesthesia documentation solutions should support this process, not disrupt it.

Having the OR team rely on a shared perioperative application allows for seamless hand offs and hassle-free room-to-room utilization that doesn’t disrupt anesthesiology routines.

MEDHOST Anesthesia Experience supports the continuity of care during anesthesia procedures with:

  • At-a-glance anesthesia documentation for floor nurses
  • A single application for completing documentation, viewing results, and entering orders
  • Efficient flow of perioperative case information throughout Enterprise

A Partner in Anesthesia Management, Not the Problem

Surgical admissions represent almost half of all revenue that comes through a hospital’s front door.

Despite this, IT support for the OR has become something of a multi-million-dollar cottage industry, reliant on unincorporated technologies and clinicians spending more time shackled to a computer than they do at the operating table.

Unplug your OR team by giving them an application that manages patient anesthesia workflows through a single, comprehensive digital solution.

Learn more about MEDHOST Anesthesia Experience by contacting your Customer Success Executive or reaching out to us at

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