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Tuesday June 14, 2022  |  Luke Marinac

How Digital Support Groups Bridge the Patient-Provider Divide

Today, patients are digitally engaged before they ever step foot in a doctor’s office.  

They expect a healthcare experience that provides the same level of convenience as they would get from any other modern, technology-driven industry. 

These growing expectations include access to upfront price estimates, appointment reminders, and pre-registration. After a diagnosis, they want to go online to read about the experiences of others with the same condition or learn about treatment options from a clinical professional. Once care is complete, they look for mobile condition monitoring, eStatements, and the ability to pay online. 

However, the ability to remotely connect with healthcare providers and share experiences is particularly important to our rural and community hospital partners, whose patients often have limited access to a physician. Depending on schedules, health, and transportation, some of these patients could end up waiting a month or more between visits to manage chronic conditions or see a specialist. 

MEDHOST helps navigate these barriers to care through our YourCare Management patient engagement and condition management mobile applications, YourCare Everywhere and Mobility Support Group. Participants in the latter can share goals, struggles, and encouragement, while keeping up with chronic condition routines.   

This article explores how digital support groups can improve self-management in an online environment.  


Digital condition management, especially through anywhere-access support groups, creates a community that extends beyond the exam room and motivates patients to take an active role in achieving desired health outcomes. 

Within MEDHOST digital support groups, patients have an opportunity to forge an intimate relationship with not just the clinical professional guiding their care, but also with others who share the same condition.  

Chronic Disease Management 

Coordinating the management of chronic diseases has been notoriously difficult for providers and patients.  

For those dealing with chronic conditions, the day-to-day maintenance of a health strategy can become a thankless and repetitive task without access to ongoing support. Recipes, fitness challenges, and social interaction are just a few examples of how mobile condition management tools create a bond that keeps patients engaged.  

Privacy and Security 

While message boards and social media are a great way to connect and share, they’re often open to anyone, exposing those seeking answers to uninformed advice or even ridicule.  

Within our digital support community, MEDHOST pairs individuals with the group that corresponds to their condition and a network of clinical professionals available to answer questions day or night. 

Support groups are invite-only and fully secure to ensure patient privacy.  

To learn more about how MEDHOST digital support groups empower patients to take control of their healthcare journey, please reach out to your Customer Success Executive or email   

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