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Podcast: How to Plan for Battling Cyberattacks

Podcast: How to Plan for Battling Cyberattacks EHR

When a hacker exploits a healthcare IT (HIT) electronic health records (EHR) system, the effects are felt in more than just one place.

A HIT breach can put operations at a standstill and also create patient safety risks that will result in compliance violations and fines. To prevent security cracks and their negative effects, Becky Tate, Senior Director of Compliance at MEDHOST notes it is critical that healthcare providers routinely perform full healthcare IT risk assessments.

As time goes on and indicators strongly point towards healthcare’s increased adoption of cloud services, the cybersecurity stakes with only continue to get higher. Taking into consideration the strict patient data regulations and the heavy consequences violations carry, anything less than full cybersecurity awareness is not enough.

In this episode of Health IT On the Record, Tate talks about how MEDHOST works with partners and third-party vendors to assess internal and external cybersecurity risks. She expands on what it takes to keep every inch of a healthcare system as secure as possible, as well as the consequences for those who don’t.

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