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Tuesday February 15, 2022  |  Shannon Lyons, DNP, Program Director

Important Promoting Interoperability Requirements for 2022

Important Promoting Interoperability Requirements 2022 EHR

The Promoting Interoperability (PI) program continues to evolve with the changing healthcare landscape.

Driven by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Opioid Crisis, and the continued integration of EHRs into clinical workflows, this ongoing transformation is reflected in the 2022 reporting requirement updates made by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). These updates include modifications to the Public Health and Clinical Data Exchange Objective, revised eCQM reporting requirements, and the addition of an attestation requirement regarding the SAFER Guides.

Public Health and Clinical Data Exchange Objective

The Public Health and Clinical Data Exchange Objective requirements for 2022 have increased from two to four measures. The four required objectives are:

  1. Syndromic Surveillance Reporting
  2. Immunization Registry Reporting
  3. Electronic Reportable Laboratory Result Reporting
  4. Electronic Case Reporting (eCR)

To meet this objective, a hospital must have the certified software installed and be engaged with the appropriate registries during their 90-day reporting period.

MEDHOST supports the reporting of all four of these requirements. Syndromic Surveillance, Immunization, and Electronic Lab Result reporting have been long-standing reporting functionalities available in the MEDHOST platform, while eCR functionality is available beginning with the MEDHOST Enterprise 2021 R1 release.

eCQM Reporting

In 2022 participants in the PI program must submit three-quarters of data on four clinical quality measures. Unlike previous years, CMS now requires submission of the measure CMS506: Safe use of Opioids – Concurrent Prescribing.

The following graphic outlines the one required measure and a list of additional measures from which facilities can choose to achieve full compliance.

Important Promoting Interoperability Requirements for 2022 graphic EHR

To solve for the newly mandated Safe Use of Opioids reporting requirement, the MEDHOST Business Intelligence (BI) tool will extract all information relevant to that measure from existing documentation points in the MEDHOST Enterprise system.

SAFER Guides

In 2022 participants in the PI program are required to attest to completing an annual assessment rating the use of their EHR using all nine SAFER guides.

Developed by the ONC in 2014 and revised in 2016, the SAFER guides evaluate the implementation and incorporation of EHR functionalities in the clinical setting. This requirement is a yes/no attestation; hospitals and CAHs do not need to demonstrate that they have implemented the guidelines. The facility is only required to complete an evaluation using the guides. These guides can be completed at any point in 2022; they do not have to be completed during the reporting period.

Recognizing that the initial completion of these guides is likely to be challenging, MEDHOST has developed a SAFER Guide Toolkit which is available in MEDHOST Community in the Regulatory and Compliance section.

To learn more about how MEDHOST can help you meet these updated Promoting Interoperability requirements, please reach out to your Customer Success Executive or

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