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Tuesday May 10, 2022

MEDHOST University: Multiple Options for Optimizing MEDHOST Product Knowledge

MEDHOST University

Hospitals across the nation are grappling with workforce challenges. The source of these obstacles varies; however, as new staff members onboard, it is essential to have flexible and efficient training options to help alleviate some of the challenges. With the most relevant learning resources, your facility can have continued success in the face of impactful change. The right solutions can help your team continually maintain optimal levels of care and operations, quickly recover from staff turnover, and prepare for regulatory updates while keeping in stride with the evolving healthcare technology landscape. However, every facility has different needs based on its current or historical challenges. 

Below are a few scenarios your facility might be looking to fulfill. 

Onboarding and Retraining Staff 

 If your facility is looking to onboard new staff or retrain current staff, aiming to ramp up quickly and provide a strong foundation of knowledge for end-users on your EHR solution, MEDHOST Learning Essentials (MLE) can help you meet these educational goals. This online learning solution is equipped with real-world scenarios, hands-on learning, and role-based workflows that could support customers' onboarding, retraining, and cross-training of their hospital staff. The relevant, role-based workflows engage the learner and provide foundational knowledge to help product comprehension through a predictable training model. Additionally, a repeatable and scalable online training experience with an interactive design, scenario-based content, and self-guided interactions offers a great learning experience. The eLearning curricula provide a consistent learning experience and help make training or retraining staff more efficient. 

Advancing Super Users 

Alternatively, if your facility seeks to train super users and application administrators on advanced system knowledge - MEDHOST Empower Training is the solution to meet this need. Empower Training is instructor-led, live (remote and virtual), and customizable classroom delivery designed to meet a facility's specific learning, such as configuring system files or mastering best practice workflows to get the most out of your MEDHOST applications. MEDHOST University's Empower Training offers tiered packages that allow facilities to plan and use the time when the need arises. The course catalog provides opportunities to tailor topics and design a learning plan that aligns with customers' needs. By focusing offerings on key hospital areas that impact patient care, financials, and operations, customers can learn how to meet their desired goals better and achieve more significant outcomes. 

If your facility needs assistance with educating end-users, super users, and application administrators, consider blending MEDHOST Learning Essentials and Empower Training services. A combination approach offers both online and instructor-led training, meeting the various learning needs of your staff, and might benefit from scalable, foundational training for multiple end-users and focused training for super users and application administrators. Together, these two robust learning paths can play an essential role in helping sustain hospital operations and reduce care disruptions.  




MEDHOST University - ONE comprehensive solution to continuously build and reinforce your facility's shared MEDHOST knowledge. 

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