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Tuesday July 4, 2023  |  Luke Marinac

Navigating Healthcare Application Management

Healthcare technology represents a vast ocean of possibilities, from improved outcomes to new and exciting care modalities.

But in the same way uncharted waters hold the potential for great discovery and fortune, they also represent a number of perils for the unprepared explorer. In this post, we’ll dive into the role of outsourced application management, using MEDTEAM Services as a compass to guide facilities through the challenges of content updates, configuration, and maintaining an exceptional patient experience.

Avoiding Choppy Waters

In the Age of Sail, ships were often adorned with a figurehead that told a story unique to that vessel. The sense of identity and purpose these customizations imparted were essential to maintaining morale.

Every hospital does things differently. What works for one facility might not mesh with the workflow of another. To be effective, outsourced application management must be able to seamlessly integrate with organization-specific processes and adapt to unique governance structures.

By offering a fully customized, end-to-end service package, MEDTEAM ensures that every aspect of your applications, from clinical to financial, is finely tuned to optimize efficiency and performance without adding unnecessary burdens.

Charting Clinical Departments

On the map of your hospital, different departments are like different territories, each requiring specialized attention and expertise.

MEDTEAM excels in application management, content updates, and configuration for critical areas such as the laboratory, pharmacy, radiology/order entry, physician experience/clinician documentation, perioperative systems, emergency department, codification, patient accounting, and general financial services.

With their guidance, your facility can navigate these territories with confidence, knowing that your applications are optimized for success.

Navigating Corporate Standards

Just as a fleet of ships upholds their maritime doctrine, multi-tenant healthcare companies must maintain consistency and adherence to corporate standards across all their facilities.

MEDTEAM can help your facilities establish and maintain a “gold standard,” ensuring that each meets the highest level of quality. By providing comprehensive checks and balances, MEDTEAM guarantees that corporate expectations are upheld and that your various facilities act as a cohesive whole.

Catching Revenue Tailwinds

Outsourcing revenue cycle application management services through MEDTEAM is akin to having a tailwind at your back, ensuring the smooth flow of revenue.

Some business office services that MEDTEAM offers to ensure you maintain your running include:

  • Patient accounting
  • Accounts payable
  • General ledger

To learn more about how we can help steer your application management to calmer waters, please reach out to us at or call 1.800.383.6278.

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