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Friday August 19, 2016  |  Paul Valentine, Vice President, Implementation Services at MEDHOST

How Optimal Healthcare IT Teams Deliver Successful Implementation

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Purchasing the right healthcare information technology (IT) tools won't necessarily solve all your problems and immediately boost your return on investment. Without applying best practices in implementation, your new technology could actually end up impeding progress and make your organization less efficient.

Studies in IT implementation projects indicate that up to 70 percent of software implementation projects fail in some important area, whereas, 66 percent of all these IT projects either fail entirely, or take longer to install than estimated.1 MEDHOST takes healthcare IT implementation just as seriously as building unparalleled IT solutions.

This stage is usually the lengthiest stage due to the technology and process being implemented. Activities within this stage should be relatively controllable due to the organization's planning and careful and detailed preparation. Additionally, leadership and appropriate leadership styles can be critical to the overall implementation's success or failure. The leadership team's technical command of project management should help organize the overall roll-out. MEDHOST's project managers and implementation staff work alongside new clients to create new workflows, train staff and follow up after the go-live date to make sure your clinicians are satisfied with our products.

Transformation Services to Facilitate Successful Implementation

The normal model for implementation follows a build, train, test, go-live lifecycle. Considerable value and support can actually add with a transformation services team. Especially, It provides extra direction for you and your staff. The transformation services team focuses on:

  • Maximizing processes
  • Creating an efficient workflow
  • Focusing on return on investment
  • Facilitating a high rate of adoption among your clinicians

Leaders in your healthcare organization must plug into the process. Also, involved in decision making about the workflow and future governance. After all, implementation isn't just about getting a new product off the ground--it's about creating a system and a strategy that will ensure your new technology helps your company run more efficiently and boosts your bottom line.

If you're running into roadblocks within certain departments who aren't keeping up with their tasks. Or, keeping the go-live on track, having leadership involvement helps get through those barriers a little faster. If there is a lack of leadership involvement, it's much more difficult to solve roadblocks that come up during the implementation phase. The MEDHOST Transformation Services team works hard to get leadership engaged from the start.

MEDHOST's implementation team is made of up seasoned professionals who have years of experience in healthcare IT implementation. Here's what that means to you:
  • We know how to work in healthcare organizations to maximize their investment in IT services
  • After implementation completed, our team of Focus Managers continue to work with you to help ensure a smooth transition to our Support Services
  • From start to finish, we work alongside your key players to help ensure your technology does exactly what you need it to do

To find out how MEDHOST is helping hospitals and healthcare facilities of all kinds get to the forefront of the digital transformation, email us at or call 1.800.383.6278.

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