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Tuesday February 13, 2024

Patient Portals: Proven Strategies for Increased Engagement

Patient portals are essential for improving medical care by providing online access to health records and facilitating communication between patients and providers. However, convincing patients to use them can be challenging.

Why Patient Portals Matter

Patient portal usage can have a direct impact on patient outcomes. According to a systematic review published in JMIR Human Factors, patient portals have improved various psychobehavioral outcomes such as health knowledge, self-efficacy, decision-making, medication adherence, and preventive service use.

User Preferences

Most healthcare communication still happens over the phone, in person, or on paper. However, technology solutions are making headway. As of 2020, nearly 40% of individuals nationwide accessed a patient portal, representing a 13-percentage point increase since 2014.

However, while patients want digital-first options, many report that the functionality of available systems is lacking. These industry shortcomings highlight the importance of working with a seasoned partner who can provide user-friendly tools.

How to Effectively Implement Patient Portals

Several effective methods can be employed to encourage patients to adopt patient portals, each aiming to enhance patient engagement and ease of use. Here, we touch on the three most important steps healthcare leadership can take right now:

  1. Educate Staff and Patients: Providing education and training to clinic staff on the benefits and functionalities of the patient portal is crucial. This includes explaining key features, how-to instructions, and the overall importance of the portal.
  2. Highlight the Benefits: Inform patients about the advantages of using a patient portal. These benefits include faster access to lab and imaging results, easier online scheduling appointments, online bill payments, and secure messaging with healthcare providers.
  3. Use Marketing: Implementing digital marketing strategies, such as email campaigns and website sign-up forms, can help increase portal adoption among existing patients. Additionally, placing simple signs in the office that promote patient portal enrollment can capture patients' attention and encourage them to sign up.

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