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Podcast: Listen in on the Latest Emergency Medicine Insights from ACEP19

Podcast Emergency Medicine ACEP19 EHR

Are you ready for front-row access into the most trending discussions at ACEP19? Grab a seat and listen in as emergency medicine’s brightest take center stage at the MEDHOST podcast lounge.

We’re recording live from Mile High City at The Colorado Convention Center for ACEP19, one of healthcare’s premier emergency medicine events. This annual American College of Emergency Physicians conference brings together industry experts from all over for an educational and inspirational experience like none-other. If you couldn’t make it to this year’s ACEP or want a refresher on what you learned, these impromptu discussions can help shape your emergency department strategy for the upcoming year.

Locums Work in Rural Communities

Dr. Rip Patel, an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Baylor University, Locum Tenens Physician, and writer for LocumStory shares his perspective on locums work. He highlights the unique strengths of Locum Tenens Physicians and unpacks what they can bring to the rural healthcare ecosystem.

Bridging the Physician-Patient Communication Gap

CareLoop CEO, Carla Gallegos, maps out why communication breaks down between healthcare providers and patients. She shares a personal story about her husband's treatment journey and urges top vendors to collaborate on cohesive communication solutions that keep patients in the loop.

Creating Pathways for Women in Leadership

Dr. Nicole Franks, an Emergency Physician and Chief Quality Control Officer at Emory University Hospital-Midtown, and Associate Professor at Emory University, discusses creating pathways for women in leadership. She unpacks the business case for gender diversity, outlines the challenges facing women in the medical profession, and suggests some tactical strategies for overcoming those challenges. She also explains how health equity can positively impact emergency department flow.

When the Worst Happens: Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Physician, Torree McGowan, discusses disaster planning and response. She touches on the essentials for personal emergency kits and shares some of her own experiences responding to disaster situations. She also emphasizes how disaster situations can disproportionately impact rural communities.

A Paradigm Shift in Syndromic Testing

Steve Michalik, Associate Marketing Director at Biofire Diagnostics, explains how his company is shifting the paradigm of syndromic testing. Biofire tests for the most probable causes for a specific syndrome all at once, allowing clinicians to get the answers they need and act quickly.

Innovative Emergency Department Design

Huddy Healthcare Solutions President Jon Huddy stopped by to share his perspective on innovation in emergency department design. He outlines some of the dos and don'ts of ED planning, and emphasized that when it comes to innovative design physicians have a lot of practical experience to bring to the table.

Spotlight on Nurse Practitioners with ENA's Director of Advanced Practice

Meg Carman, Director of Advanced Practice with the Emergency Nurses Association and a nurse practitioner of over 20 years, shares her passion for the nursing profession. She outlines ENA's work advocating and educating on behalf of nurses across the country, and explains the value of specialization among nurse practitioners.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic Together

Emergency physician and President of Colorado ACEP discusses the opioid epidemic. He pinpoints the biggest legislative and cultural roadblocks to ending the crisis, outlining the story of a system that creates addiction but refuses to treat it. He argues that we must de-stigmatize addiction and implement a systemic overhaul to effectively treat opioid abuse disorder.

Finding Smarter Ways to Fight Sepsis

LA emergency physician and Valley Emergency Physicians Medical Director discusses the challenges of fighting sepsis. He explains the need to develop better ways to identify, evaluate, and treat the condition, and shared his optimism that AI tools could hold the key to effective treatment.

Concussion Management for Student Athletes

Valley Emergency Physicians Medical Director, Ron Ostrom, discusses concussion management for student athletes. He advocates for increased awareness of Second Impact Syndrome, a condition caused by playing with a concussion that can result in traumatic brain injury or even death. He also encourages emergency physicians to educate students on concussion management and to volunteer on the sidelines at their local sporting events.

Mental Health and the ER

Valley Emergency Physicians Medical Director, Joshua Partnow,  unpacks the challenges of providing effective mental health care today. He highlights the impact of systemic issues like homelessness and addiction on mental health, and discusses the strain that a lack of comprehensive treatment puts on emergency rooms across the country.

How Entrepreneurs can Fuel Healthcare Innovation

University of Colorado Professor of Emergency Medicine and Business, Executive Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine, and cofounder of UCHealth CARE Innovation Center Dr. Jennifer Wiler shares how elite entrepreneurs are innovating in healthcare. She explains how emergency physicians can partner with entrepreneurs to address some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today. She also shares why Colorado is the perfect place for healthcare startups to innovate, and highlighted how UCHealth CARE has been reimagining the system.

Creating a Culture of Wellness

Alicia Kurtz, an Emergency Doctor with Vituity and host of the Real Talk podcast, stopped by to advocate for humanizing the culture of medicine. She highlights what we often miss about burnout, explaining how encouraging vulnerability can actually build resilience among medical professionals. She also shares how her personal experience with the substance abuse epidemic has informed her medical practice.

A Existential Threat to Emergency Healthcare

ACEP Immediate Past President, Dr. Vidor E. Friedman, unpacks the effort to outlaw out-of-network billing at the federal level and to explain how it would impact emergency medical care. He also discusses the challenges medical professionals face when it comes to accessing mental health and substance abuse resources.

Bringing AI to the ER

Deena Brecher, the Patient Care and Project Management Lead at Mednition and an emergency nurse of 20 years, shares her passion for the emergency room. She explains how Mednition uses AI technology to give emergency clinicians decision-making support and enable them to treat their patients more effectively.

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