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Podcast: Grab a Seat at the Table for the New England Rural Health Conference

Podcast New England Rural Health Conference EHR

We’re broadcasting live from picturesque Newry, Maine at one of the largest regional rural healthcare events in the nation!

For more than 20 years the New England Rural Health Conference has brought together leading providers and industry experts in the Northeast region. Join us and your fellow colleagues for some insightful discussions on the landscape and future of rural healthcare in New England. Don’t miss a second of coverage as regional healthcare experts share their thoughts on discovering new ways to think big in support of their community’s health.

Tune-in to “Health IT On the Record” for The New England Rural Health Conference

Addressing Emerging Concerns in Healthcare

As a registered nurse, member of the VT Climate Health Alliance and poison prevention educator at the Northern New England Poison Center, Gayle Finklestein has witnessed a broad range of concerns that are affecting public health in New England. She describes the affects of climate change on human and animal health and encourage listeners to educate themselves about these issues. She also advocates for greater education and awareness around the dangers of using marijuana without fully understanding its potency or effects.

Understanding the Link Between Overdoses and Brain Injury

Implementing Mobile Integrated Healthcare In Rural Communities

Improving Anesthetic Care in Rural Areas

Creating Transformational Change Through Person-Centered Healthcare

Removing the Stigma around Substance Abuse in Rural Communities

Board Member of the Lakes Region Substance Awareness Coalition, Dani Mooney, discusses how she is working to reduce the stigma around substance abuse and mental health, and explains one barrier for seeking out care is the lack of anonymity in rural communities. She also discusses how improving mental health can lead to better outcomes overall.

Using Clinical Integration to Support Rural Community Hospitals

Director of Acute Care Services for Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Kara Desjardins, has seen firsthand how people in rural communities can struggle to access the healthcare they need. She shares how tele-health is changing that and advocates for using technology to partner with, and support local physicians.

Empowering Rural Communities to Advocate for Change

Jennifer Gunderman, Director at the Maine Area Health Education Center (AHEC), discusses how her own experiences with rural health have inspired her work. She believes there are many untapped resources that must be explored in order to empower rural communities to take charge and become their own advocates for change.

Creating an Interdisciplinary Primary Care Practice Model for Behavioral Health

Director of Behavioral Health at Springfield Medical Care Systems, Dr. Adam Ameele, believes in taking a proactive and preventative approach to healthcare, integrating primary care with behavioral health. He shares the success he's found in integrating interdisciplinary care, changing patient's behaviors, and giving them a sense of control over their health.

Implementing an Accountable Communities for Health program at Vermont's Department of Health

Director of Health Systems at Vermont's Department of Health  explains the progress being made by her agency in adopting an Accountable Communities for Heath (ACH) framework. She emphasizes the importance of bringing together the right partners from the rural health community, a cross-sector initiative. Lukas also shares how attending conferences like the New England Rural Health Conference provides her with face-to-face connections and possible solutions she can take back with her to implement.

Understanding the Effects of Poverty

Health Economy founder, Linda Riddell, talks about her new poverty education game, "Gettin' By." She explained how the struggles of people in poverty affect the brain and offered insight into the ways people's assumptions about poverty are preventing us from effectively working to lift people out of it.

Viewing Health in the Context of Community

Southern Berkshire Rural Health Network Director, Deborah Phillips, discusses the many different components of individual health. She firmly believes healthcare needs to start looking at people in the context of their communities in order to more fully understand their health struggles. She also advocates for a more preventative approach to healthcare that focuses on equipping individuals with what they need to be healthy before they ever run into problems.

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