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Podcast: Tips for Avoiding Healthcare IT Downtime

Podcast: How to Plan for Battling Cyberattacks EHR

Business continuity is defined as an organization’s ability to certify its core functions will stay online at all times, even in the event of an unexpected incident like a natural disaster or a cybersecurity breach.

In healthcare no surprise should be taken lightly because the stakes of patient safety and care are so high. In other words, ensuring a hospital’s business continuity and keeping critical electronic health record (EHR) systems online can be a matter of life and death.

Healthcare downtime is not a matter of if  it will happen, but when. Unplanned downtimes can cost hospitals upwards to $8,662 per minute. Wesley Curtis, Director of IT Architecture and Engineering at MEDHOST, says even though it is impossible to predict when a disruptive event will occur, there are steps hospitals can take to mitigate their impact on operations while continuing to protect patients and their data.

In this episode of Tales from the Encrypted, Curtis describes how creating disaster plan scripts and building objectives around business continuity help them counteract events that may lead to healthcare IT outages.

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