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Podcast: Preventing Data Leakage with a Layered Cybersecurity Strategy

Podcast: How to Plan for Battling Cyberattacks EHR

A leaky faucet is annoying. A leaky healthcare data infrastructure—a bigger problem.

In a modern healthcare IT (HIT) setting, protected health information (PHI) is constantly flying through the data-sphere from one system to another. Unstructured data packets, like documents and emails, as well as structured data contained within databases are always on the move between hospital file sharing systems and servers. If there are cracks in this data pipeline, it can be easy for a hacker to sneak in and manipulate or steal health data in transit.

Unlike a kitchen sink, healthcare organizations can’t wait till they see water pooling on the floor to address a leak. Once a network vulnerability is exploited it is usually too late. To make sure cybercriminals aren’t slipping into healthcare systems and making a mess of things, Todd Williams, Sr. Manager of Information Security Operations at MEDHOST says data loss prevention (DLP) is crucial.

In this episode of Tales of the Encrypted, Williams covers a couple different tools and tactics healthcare organizations can apply—like behavioral analytics software, safe computing practices, and risk rankings—to prevent data loss.

Hear why using a layered approach to healthcare cybersecurity that includes logical measures that back up physical and technical safeguards is crucial for preventing data loss.

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