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Simple Solutions at Your Patients’ Fingertips

Simple Solutions at Your Patients’ Fingertips EHR

A trip to the doctor’s office or hospital can be pretty hectic.

Scrambling to find important medical documents and juggling family schedules or soccer practices to squeeze in that one available appointment time is a lot to handle—toss in an upset toddler or a surprise medical bill and it’s easy to feel lost and out of control.

Just because life can sometimes leave patients feeling out of control doesn’t mean they should feel that way about their healthcare management. Solving communication headaches and providing patients with easy access to their medical information can go a long way by empowering patients to take control of and participate in their medical care.

Nowadays, patients are demanding nothing less than more control over their healthcare, not to mention a more retail-like level of convenience. In fact, a recent report from InstaMed found that 74 percent of providers saw an increase in patient financial responsibility in 2015. Similarly a new PwC report titled “The Empowered Consumer” describes how healthcare consumers are utilizing their previously unheard of access to data to become more informed and involved in their healthcare.

To meet the evolving demands of patients, providers must find ways to break down barriers to access. From greater access, providers can also expect greater engagement among patients and even improved satisfaction.

The YourCare Community Advantage

In order to better equip patients and providers,  the MEDHOST patient and provider portal solution Your CareCommunity (YCC) is a patient and provider portal that offers a simple, easy-to-use platform to more seamlessly connect caregivers and those in need of care 24/7 from desktop and mobile devices. Aside from offering users increased visibility to important medical information through an intuitive interface, YourCare Community also allows patients to communicate directly with their care team—even if that care team spans multiple clinics.

Another advantage to YourCare Community is that it is vendor-agnostic and allows various healthcare facilities and hospitals to directly communicate with the other. For patients, this means that doctor referrals are simplified and that any necessary care transitions can happen efficiently. For providers, this one-stop shop encourages patients to engage in their care more, helping to drive greater satisfaction, improved care outcomes and retention rates.

YourCare Community also allows patients to connect 200-plus personal devices and apps to their dashboard, meaning that their medical and wellness data is neatly stored in one convenient, accessible location. Patients can also authorize other viewers—say a spouse, parent or trusted friend—to view, download, and send personal health information safely and securely. YourCare Community not only makes it easy for patients to take more control over their own healthcare management on their smartphones or desktops, but it also helps streamline the busy day-to-day of healthcare providers and administrators.

Think of the busy soccer mom or the overwhelmed part-time worker scrambling to keep their medical information (and minds) straight. What can you do to empower them as patients, and how can you give them back some of that control they’re searching for?

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