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Tuesday August 15, 2023

The Importance of Support & Training When Choosing an EHR Provider

EHRs are a useful tool for a physician to maintain streamlined communications and effectively manage patient care. But in order to maximize product performance, healthcare organizations must also ensure that their clinicians and staff have adequate training.

The Benefits of EHR Training

Relevant learning resources are crucial for healthcare EHR users. These training materials help teams maintain optimal levels of care and operations, quickly recover from staff turnover, and stay prepared for regulatory updates and technological advancements.

In this post, we cover how the successful implementation of training programs can preserve essential product knowledge and what steps we've taken to ensure continuous learning for key stakeholders.

Onboarding and Retraining Staff

For healthcare organizations looking to onboard new staff or retrain current employees on their electronic health record solutions, MEDHOST Learning Essentials (MLE) offers an ideal solution.

This online learning platform provides real-world scenarios, hands-on learning, and role-based workflows to support hospital staff onboarding, retraining, and cross-training. The interactive design and self-guided interactions create a consistent and efficient training experience.

Advancing Super Users

Super users help preserve essential product knowledge among your staff and improve clinical practice. If a health system wants to train super users and application administrators in advanced system knowledge, MEDHOST Empower Training is the answer. This instructor-led, customizable training program can help users master best practices and get the most out of their MEDHOST EHR system.

A Combined Approach

Facilities may find value in combining MEDHOST Learning Essentials and Empower Training services. This approach offers a comprehensive solution that caters to the various learning needs of staff members, providing scalable, foundational training for multiple end-users and targeted training for super users and application administrators. This combination can be vital in sustaining hospital operations and reducing care disruptions.

MEDHOST Customer Experience Institute (CXI)

In addition to these training resources, MEDHOST recently launched an educational project focused on direct user engagement, which seeks to drive targeted product awareness—MEDHOST Customer Experience Institute (CXI).

This ongoing dialogue with our partners features talented professionals and subject matter experts well-versed in leading practices, providing training sessions and materials on various EHR functionalities. The CXI Insitute is committed to improving end-user experiences through training curricula that drive enhanced utilization, streamline workflow, improve system build and configuration settings, and foster enterprise-wide adoption.

Contact us at 1.800.383.6278 or email to learn more about the offerings available through their comprehensive solutions to continuously build and reinforce MEDHOST knowledge at your facility.

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