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Two New Promoting Interoperability Solutions From MEDHOST

2 New Interoperability Solutions MEDHOST EHR

At MEDHOST, we take pride in supporting and guiding our customers throughout the continuous evolution in the healthcare environment. Essential to that duty is helping our customers meet compliance on critical regulations like the Cures 2023 Promoting Interoperability Act (PI) and Electronic Case Reporting (eCR).

To help them in ensuring compliance with both of these federally mandated regulations, we have launched the MEDHOST Cures 2023 Interoperability and Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) solutions. Both these solutions help strengthen our customers’ ability to comply with these mandates and reduce workflow disruptions related to achieving compliance to avoid costly noncompliance penalties.

The MEDHOST Cures 2023 Interoperability Solution facilitates the access and exchange of electronic health information (EHI). The eCR solution helps the Promoting Interoperability program participants meet new CMS public health reporting requirements by enabling them to generate and transmit case reports for specific reportable conditions.

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