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Perioperative Experience Brochure

The surgery department is responsible for a significant portion of admissions and hospital revenue, so there’s no room for inefficiencies or lost market share. Perioperative Experience comprehensively supports the entire workflow processes of surgical care, from complete nurse charting to scheduling patients to postoperative surveys. System benefits are delivered without inconveniencing surgeons or nurses because applications fit within existing perioperative workflows.


Comprehensive Solution – Manage the entire perioperative environment to help enhance clinical outcomes while improving provider efficiency, regulatory compliance and reimbursement.

Complements Clinical Workflows – Applications fit within workflows that clinicians already know, and by replacing paper charts with instantly available digital data, clinicians can complete tasks faster and more accurately so they can spend more time with patients.

Streamlines Patient Tracking – Replace white boards with digital displays making it easy to track patient progress throughout the perioperative process and manage the availability of key surgery department staff and resources.

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