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Managing the Complexities of an IT Environment

Despite being a smaller healthcare facility, a community hospital was fortunate to have a proactive and experienced IT department and a strong IT infrastructure. When looking toward the future, their team was facing the decision of whether to make a heavy investment in upgrading or replacing existing on-site hardware within a couple of years or switch to a cloud-based service.

While their IT team was equipped to manage the facility’s on-site IT infrastructure requirements, a great deal of time was being devoted to handling routine maintenance and upgrades, managing redundant mimic systems, resolving associated compatibility issues, and other tasks. Along with losing staff time to these responsibilities, the hospital also shouldered liability in case of a natural disaster or cybersecurity event.

This case study will highlight how moving to a hosted IT environment through MEDHOST Direct enhanced a community hospital's capabilities with day-to-day technology management while elevating health IT delivery and HIPAA security measures.

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