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Avoiding Common RCM Pitfalls Worst-Case Scenario Handbook

How to Drive a Patient-First Financial Experience: A Guide to Avoiding RCM Worst-Case Scenarios

Just like a positive care experience, an error-free financial experience can win you a customer for life. Find out how to avoid common revenue cycle management pitfalls to satisfy both your bottom line and patients.

Confusion over the cost of care is a top frustration for healthcare consumers. Mastering all the details of revenue cycle management can help your hospital improve patient satisfaction from beginning to end and ensure full reimbursements.

Percentage of patients would consider leaving a provider based on poor billing experience* -
Percentage of patients prefer online payments** -
25% - 30% of healthcare spending goes towards claims management*** -

Explore Potential Front- and Back-End RCM Errors

Follow our fictional patient Frank through all the ups and downs of his financial healthcare journey.
  1. Scheduling and Patient Registration
  2. Upfront Patient Collections
  3. Clinical Documentation and Coding
  4. Claim Management
  5. Reimbursement
  1. Line Item Denials
  2. Complete Denials
  3. Contract Management
  4. Statement Processing and Self-Pay Management

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