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Tuesday March 15, 2022  |  Krupal Patel, Director, Project Management Office

Infographic: An EHR Implementation Timeline Model: Layering for a Strong Foundation

EHR Implementation Timeline Model Header

Maximizing the long-term returns of an EHR investment is directly tied to the quality of that solution’s clinical adoption. A hospital’s best opportunity to encourage adoption and advocation of an EHR is at the early stages, during the implementation of that new solution, and throughout training.

A multi-phase approach to EHR implementations-or any clinical-facing healthcare IT solution-is one of the most effective ways to ensure adoption and positive results.

The below infographic offers an example of what such a layered, multi-phase timeline might look like.


Download the infographic

All too often, hospitals and vendors want to accelerate the implementation of a new EHR solution, hoping to capitalize on the latest benefits as soon as possible. When in fact, a rushed EHR implementation can quickly work against a facility by fomenting resistance within the hospital’s user base.

A phased approach to clinical adoption dramatically reduces resistance and the risks associated with accelerated implementations. By layering certain rollout phases, you can create a strong foundation for success that gives clinical, financial, and operational staff time to become acquainted with the new solution.

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