Why Invest in Implementation

In the same way a home should be built on solid ground, implementation of any healthcare IT technology or platform needs a thorough and comprehensive implementation. An optimized implementation:

  • Sets you up for continued success
  • Reduces disruptions to care
  • Supports staff workflows

MEDHOST Implementation: A Partnership Not a Transaction

When it comes to implementing a new solution, we place you and your needs first as part of a collaborative approach we like to call The MEDHOST Implementation Method.

We work with you, for you.

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    The MEDHOST Implementation Method

    1. Discovery: An examination
    2. Integrated Testing: Building the platform
    3. Pre-Operation: Role-based Superuser training
    4. Execution: Go live

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    Every MEDHOST implementation is managed by a methodical team working with equal, laser point accuracy. Our core goal for healthcare implementations is to make sure we’re crafting a customized solution to fit your needs, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity.

    Facilities We Work With

    A MEDHOST implementation is never one-size fits all. While there are essentials that should be built into every implementation, we can tailor the job to fit the unique needs of any healthcare facility or system, including:

    • Short and Long Term Acute
    • Critical Access
    • Behavioral
    • Rehab
    • Community Hospitals

    Implementation Experts

    Much like our Customer Support and Account Management teams, those responsible for implementing new solutions for our customers have real-world, applicable experience in the healthcare industry as:

    • Nurses
    • Pharmacy techs
    • HIM directors
    • CFOs
    • And in other critical healthcare roles

    Our implementation teams practice active listening at every step to build a portrait of your facility or system. Based on what they learn from you, they devise a strategy that is least disruptive to the hospital and its patients.

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