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Infographic: A Journey into Hospital HIT Support EHR

Infographic: A Journey Into Hospital HIT Support

Value-based care means that healthcare providers treat people as both patients and customers.

In today’s healthcare landscape, HIT is a key to helping hospitals deliver on that promise of patient-centered customer care.

Long after the implementation phase is complete, technological issues can still throw a wrench in patient care. When healthcare IT problems arise, hospital staff need a support partner they can trust to help them continue to operate at peak levels and ensure an optimal care experience.

MEDHOST believes that customers deserve more when it comes to IT support. With an 84% first-day resolve rate and 91% customer satisfaction score, MEDHOST is a proven expert in bringing exceptional support to healthcare facilities nationwide.

Download the Infographic about the MEDHOST Customer Support Journey.

Learn more about our support services and download a case study on MEDHOST’s exceptional customer support.


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