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Elevate Your Hospital Operations with Expert Healthcare IT Support

The Unique Advantage of MEDHOST Customer Support

At MEDHOST, we're committed to empowering you to excel in serving your team and community.

Understanding that exceptional patient care hinges on efficient time utilization, we prioritize helping you maximize this invaluable resource. Our dedicated support team is on hand to ensure you're getting the most from your systems so you can focus on what truly matters—delivering top-notch healthcare to your community.

The success of your healthcare facility directly correlates with the effectiveness of your IT support partnership. This relationship-centric approach forms the cornerstone of our commitment to you.

Comprehensive Support for Unparalleled Hospital Efficiency

Unleash the full potential of your hospital's operations with our industry-leading IT support capabilities.

A good portion of optimal patient-focused care depends on technology working how it is supposed to. To support our healthcare partners in their mission, our customer support team strives to:

  1. Optimize your systems.
  2. Optimize user knowledge.
  3. Optimize your time.
  4. Optimize care delivery.

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    With an 80% first-day resolve rate and a resounding 94% customer satisfaction score, you can't go wrong with MEDHOST.

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    MEDHOST’s Support Architecture

    From implementation onward, support works around the clock in collaboration with all departments to quickly and accurately resolve any current or developing issues for long-term results.

    Customer Success Executives

    Team up with specialists, not generalists.

    We pair each of our customers with dedicated Customer Success Executives whose sole focus is to ensure each MEDHOST resource works perfectly for every hospital team member.

    Role-Based Support

    Put years of tried and tested healthcare expertise in your corner. All support requests are routed directly to our 24/7 customer support center, located on-premise at MEDHOST headquarters. From our support center, customers can connect with in-house experts that include:

    • Registered nurses
    • Clinical informatics specialists
    • Healthcare IT pros
    • HL7 certified experts
    • Business and financial analysts

    Want to spend less time on the phone and get back to the business of caring for patients?