The Value of Expert Customer Support

How valuable is your time? When it comes to delivering an excellent patient experience and saving lives, its priceless.

There is a direct correlation between the level of healthcare IT customer support your hospital or healthcare facilities receive and your ability to optimize care delivery. At every level of MEDHOST customer support, we hold that duality as a key to helping you achieve success:

  1. We optimize your systems.
  2. We optimize your time.

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    With an 86% first day resolve rate and a resounding 95% customer satisfaction score, you can’t go wrong with MEDHOST.

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    MEDHOST’s Support Architecture

    From implementation onward, support works around-the-clock in collaboration with all departments to make sure any current or developing issues are quickly and accurately resolved for the long-term results.

    Account Management

    Team up with specialists, not generalists.

    Every MEDHOST customer is paired with dedicated Account Managers whose sole focus is making sure that each individual resource is working perfectly for you.

    Focus Managers

    Access to top-tier support specialists makes sure that when tough issues do arise, they are resolved with speed and accuracy. When you need a more hands-on approach beyond basic troubleshooting, our Focus Managers are quick to act by:

    • Facilitating all inter-departmental communication
    • Proactively monitoring all cases
    • Analyzing and tracking performance trends
    • Scheduling reoccurring calls to keep you informed

    Role-Based Support

    Put years of tried and tested healthcare expertise in your corner. All support requests are routed direct to our 24/7 customer support center, located on-premise at MEDHOST headquarters. There customers can connect with in-house experts that include:

    • Registered nurses
    • Clinical informatics specialists
    • Healthcare IT pros
    • HL7 certified experts
    • Business and financial analysts

    Want to spend less time on the phone and get back to the business of caring for patients?

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