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Infographic: MEDHOST Rural Emergency Hospital Solution

From workforce shortages to reduced patient volumes, rural hospitals are feeling the economic pressure.

Their patients are, too. The 20% of Americans that live in rural areas experience shorter life expectancies, higher poverty, and less access to healthcare than urban and suburban residents. Ongoing financial pressures have led to widespread closures among rural providers, further deteriorating the critical health infrastructure these communities rely on.

But a lifeline is available. The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 established a new rural Medicaid provider type, the Rural Emergency Hospital (REH), to improve rural healthcare access and address health disparities impacting these populations.

MEDHOST’s Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) Solution can help you improve the flow of revenue and maintain vital emergency medical services. In this infographic, we illustrate how an existing medical facility can become a rural emergency hospital (REH), the benefits of making this transition, and how we can help.

Download the Infographic .

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