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Infographic: A Roadmap to Saving a Community Hospital EHR

Infographic: A Roadmap to Saving a Community Hospital

In November 2017, Lakeland Community Hospital, a 49-bed acute care hospital in Haleyville, Alabama received word that its doors would permanently close at the end of the year. Shocked, the town of 4,000 realized that losing the hospital simply wasn’t an option—the closure would not only jeopardize the health of its citizens and stall any future opportunities for growth, but it would also mean that 10 percent of the town would be without a job.

Determined to save Lakeland, Haleyville’s city council, community leaders, and hospital administrators and employees joined forces and devised a recovery plan to ensure Lakeland’s survival.

For a closer look at the steps Haleyville took to save Lakeland Community Hospital, check out our infographic below:

Infographic: A Roadmap to Saving a Community Hospital EHR


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Developing a long-term strategy to ensure a community hospital’s survival is no small task. Lakeland looked for guidance and help from vendors like MEDHOST to take over Lakeland’s central business office functions and help create a process for fiscal recovery that included a plan to repay outstanding debt.

A National Rural Health Association partner, MEDHOST is committed to supporting rural healthcare facilities and hospitals in their mission to develop strategies for change and improve the efficiency of health services. MEDHOST offers a range of solutions and service that can help your hospital maximize any budget and allow you to get back to providing your community with the best care possible.

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