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General Acute Care and Critical Access Hospitals

EHR for Acute Care Facilities

Each MEDHOST solution is fine-tuned to the needs of acute care facilities and critical access hospitals. The intuitive electronic health record (EHR) interface can easily fit within existing acute care workflows and is incredibly adaptable, creating fewer errors freeing up more time to focus on patients. Documentation within the MEDHOST EHR is also optimal for the acute care setting, with secure patient records available online. Simplified documentation comes with improved organization and more fluid search navigation.

Other MEDHOST Clinical Tools for Acute Care

Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) - Provides incredible ease of use and built-in safeguards for medication admin.

Laboratory, Radiology, and Pharmacy Information - Fine-tune and better manage well-defined clinical processes at your acute care facility and see higher performance levels by:

  • Improving diagnostic turnaround times
  • Increasing patient safety
  • Streamlining order processing
  • Expanding clinical information accessibility

MEDHOST Financial and Business Services and Solutions

There are various ways acute and critical care hospitals can improve their financial performance by implementing our innovative finance and business.
MEDHOST’s suite of financial applications helps you streamline accounting processes, manage resources more effectively, improve cash flow, and enhance revenue. This suite of financial tools is fully integrated with our Health Information System (HIS), revenue cycle, and patient accounting solutions. Core financial applications include:

  • Accounts payable
  • Credit card processing
  • General ledger
  • Materials management
  • Time and attendance
  • Document management services

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is essential at every level of care. MEDHOST offers a complete patient-consumer engagement solution that benefits everyone playing a role in the care journey. Features of our engagement solution include:

  • Consumer-facing health and wellness tools
  • Continuity of care solutions
  • Patient portal
  • Wellness dashboard
  • Diabetes management platform

Hosted Services

Acute care and critical access facilities generally don’t have enough resources to manage their IT environment. MEDHOST offers healthcare IT hosting services that can alleviate pressure off your internal IT staff so you can focus more on supporting clinical care.