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HIMSS18 Conversations About the Future of Health IT: Day 1

MEDHOST is interviewing health IT industry thought leaders throughout #HIMSS18 about the trends and challenges they see on the horizon, potential solutions, and the benefits of solving for them.

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Mark Burnette, shareholder at LBMC Information Security, dropped by the podcast longe at HIMSS18 to lay out some of the biggest security threats against medical devices today, as well as offered his advice for insulating organizations and third-party vendors against potential attacks.

Michael Archuleta, CIO of Mt. San Rafael Hospital, stepped into the podcast lounge at HIMSS18 to encourage health information technology leaders to make patient experience the focal point of innovation, as well as to share his belief that collaboration between providers and vendors is foundational in implementing successful healthcare solutions.

Tod Fetherling, CEO of Perception Health and Vice President of Workforce for TN HIMMS, stopped by the podcast lounge at HIMSS18 to share his predictions on how microhospitals will fill in gaps left by the decline of community hospitals, offering cost efficient care and specialization to localized areas. He also shared his belief that integration between healthcare providers and machine learning will be a major source of entrepreneurial opportunities in the future.

Todd Charest, Chief Product Officer at Qualifacts, visited the podcast lounge at HIMSS18 to share his perspective on breaking down the barriers between physical and behavioral health to ensure holistic patient care experiences. Along the way, he also discussed how technology will aid that process, even subtly, by sharing data and delivering patient insights across platforms and organizations.

Erik Pupo, Managing Director of Healthcare Technology Consulting at Accenture, dropped by the podcast lounge at HIMSS18 to discuss health IT's role in public health and community response during disasters. Along the way, he also tackled how to "build a human side" into how the industry talks about new technology by focusing on how it will affect real people every day.

Jim Stefansic, president and CEO of Raiven Health, visited the podcast lounge at HIMSS18 to have a conversation about how organizations can use machine learning to optimize solutions and drive decision-making. He also explained his steps for making the most of the overwhelming amounts of data collected by automated systems.

Josh Firstenberg, account executive at Verato, Inc., dropped by the podcast lounge at HIMSS18 to describe the pivotal role that patient matching plays in interoperability. He also gave us a look into how duplication in this information system can result in wasted time, unnecessary tests, and unsafe conditions for the patient, as well as what the healthcare industry is doing to overcome this obstacle.

Melinda Scruggs Gales, Chief Growth Officer of Virsys12, visited the podcast lounge at HIMSS18 to outline her team's strategy for implementing Salesforce solutions by beginning with the end in mind, setting clear expectations, and listening closely to their clients' needs. Along the way, she also explains how recognizing that employees need to be heard just as their customers are has helped them build an award-winning team.

National accounts manager at Clinical Computer Systems and OBIX John Murray stepped into the podcast lounge at HIMSS18 to share his experience at the "infancy of medical records" and how interoperability affects the workflow for perinatal care. He also explores how being a niche player in the healthcare industry has allowed for his team to have a better understanding of data management and patient safety.

Founder and CEO of Self Care Catalysts Grace Castillo-Soyao stopped by the podcast lounge at HIMSS18 to give us a picture of how healthcare innovation has been driven by enterprise and how working on the consumer side of healthcare offers her perspective on how patients control their data. She also talked us through what it means to be both an insider and outsider in the healthcare space.

Senior Vice President of Change Healthcare and President of TN HIMSS Tommy Lewis visited with us in the podcast lounge at HIMSS18 and gave advice for “thinking big, starting small, and moving fast” to achieve major goals in healthcare. Along the way, he also described how HIMSS has changed in his 17 years of involvement and offered some quick tips for navigating the conference scene.



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