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Mother holding a sonogram of a baby

Podcast: Supporting Mom and Baby Through Advanced Interoperability

Nurses are the worker bees of the hospital, continuously buzzing back and forth between each task and patient within their domain. For obstetrics (OB) nurses, their challenge is twofold: simultaneously caring for both mom and baby. It’s an experience that Chris Bloodworth, a longtime nurse now Director of Product Strategy for MEDHOST’s Clinical Solutions, knows all too well.

In a recent episode of MEDHOST’s podcast Health IT on the Record, Bloodworth weighs in on the need for operational efficiency in OB units facing vast job complexities. The discussion is underscored by a review of the clinical and operational benefits an advanced interoperability solution can offer these practitioners.

With that certainty in mind, she goes on to detail MEDHOST’s recent integration with OBIX—labor and delivery software—and its successful applications for a 25-bed, critical-access hospital in northwestern New Mexico.

Listen to the full story here.

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Under Bloodworth’s guidance, MEDHOST helped a community hospital in rural New Mexico eliminate the redundancy of dual documentation by offering a single point for data entry. This streamlining not only enhances patient safety, but also improves the overall quality of care received by mom and baby.

Health IT on the Record, presented by MEDHOST, explores how innovations in health information technology impact every aspect of a health system, from multi-hospital networks down to individual patients.

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