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Podcasts: Tales From the Encrypted

Healthcare cybersecurity is no trivial matter and the threats are frighteningly real. Today’s hospitals face a wide range of digital perpetrators and attacks—internal and external. These cautionary tales of HIT offer some cybersecurity best practices and explain a few of the preventive MEDHOST Direct takes to secure our customer’s EHR networks.

Plug in the hotplate. Grab your graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. What you’re about to hear from MEDHOST cybersecurity experts is based on actual events and years of experience defending against the dark web.

Listen carefully to our “Tales from the Encrypted"

Dracula. Ghoulish possessions. Psycho killers haunting popular teen make-out spots. Most of the scary stories told this time of year have their roots in real-life events and experiences. The same can be said about the scary accounts of a healthcare cyberattack or EHR breach.

Learn more about what you can do to prevent a cybersecurity breach and build an impenetrable digital wall of proactive protection around your EHR. Check out our MEDHOST Direct Explainer Video.

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