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Florida Hospitals Fulfill State Reporting Requirements with MEDHOST YourCareLink

YourCareLink interface engine and integration service in the cloud delivers immunization, syndromic surveillance and lab data to Florida health officials

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Jan. 6, 2015 – Florida hospitals have simplified their state reporting amid mounting regulatory requirements by consolidating data integration through MEDHOST YourCareLink, an interface engine and integration service in the cloud.

Larkin Community Hospital in South Miami, Florida, has made the strategic decision to consolidate its integration engine and not only fulfill key Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements, but also ease the integration of healthcare technologies.

“YourCareLink has fully automated the communication process with our reporting to the state,” said Orlando Suarez, director of IT for Larkin Community Hospital. “What I once thought would be the most difficult measures to qualify for became the simplest.”

“Larkin Community Hospital was among the first Florida healthcare facilities to relieve its IT staff of complex public health reporting requirements by entrusting it to MEDHOST YourCareLink,” said Nathan Smith, senior manager of MEDHOST YourCareLink. “Hospitals and healthcare systems are taking a hard look at public health reporting, as they should, because there’s little value in handling the reporting process themselves. However, Clinicians and patients deserve all the healthcare technology support a facility can possibly provide, and an easy first step in that regard is releasing reporting to a consolidated integration engine like YourCareLink.”

Meaningful Use Stage 2

Many providers do not realize Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires the transmission of syndromic surveillance, lab results and immunization registry data to state public health agencies. Additionally, more reporting requirements, including sending data electronically for Medicaid reimbursement, will further tax already strained IT departments.

Choosing a service that only sends immunization data to the state is a non-strategic, limited approach, ultimately requiring multiple rounds of integration with several technology vendors; furthermore, multi-tiered integration can lead to broken data connections and complexity that saps IT staff.

MEDHOST YourCareLink offers many benefits:

  • Completely handles the state certification process
  • Monitors and so maintains the facility-to-state data feed
  • Proactively reports any problems or deficiencies
  • Provides proof of ongoing submission and allows the hospital to meet the Meaningful Use 2 reporting requirements
  • Also, Provides live Web-based reports and real-time visibility into performance


MEDHOST is a provider of market-leading enterprise, departmental and healthcare engagement solutions to approximately 1,000 healthcare facilities. Our healthcare management system includes intuitive, easy-to-use and SaaS-enabled solutions complemented by a robust suite of managed hosting, outsourcing and consulting services that are changing how clinicians and hospital leaders work and communicate, while generating notable operational, patient flow, care and revenue improvements. Specifically, MEDHOST delivers value by enabling hospitals of all types and all sizes. Especially, this is to better manage care and the business of healthcare while meeting evolving regulatory requirements.

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