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This is an update on the resolution of the domain incident.  On 12/19/2017 MEDHOST’s account with our internet domain registrar was compromised and our public facing URLs were redirected to a site that stated patient data would be sold if we did not meet certain demands. MEDHOST has no indication that patient information was compromised, and throughout the incident, we remained, and continue to remain in full control of our internal systems.


MEDHOST has full control of the domain, and the restoration of the domain and web-based applications has been completed. Depending upon geographic location, some customers already have full access. However, it is possible that the process could take up to 24 hours to propagate.  Intermittent application impact may be experienced by end users during that time.


Moreover, We are continuing to investigate this incident and its root cause.


Any inquiries may be directed to Brian Grant.

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