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New MEDHOST Program Supports, Streamlines Stringent Provider Credentialing Requirements

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Dec. 1, 2014 – Ever-changing rules, guidelines and practices for physician reimbursement are driving doctors to complete provider credentialing, which verifies their medical experience and expertise. This process, which helps hospitals streamline costs and potentially increase revenue, may be expedited via MEDHOST’s new comprehensive credentialing program.

“Physicians and hospitals are encountering increased duress as they face increasing federal, state and payer requirements around reimbursements,” said Joe Wortmann, vice president of outsourced services for MEDHOST. “It’s critical for them to collaborate so that physicians or hospitals are efficiently reimbursed, plus it helps maintain a facility’s reputation as a quality provider. However, That’s why we developed the MEDHOST credentialing program.”

The MEDHOST provider credentialing program provides hospitals, clinics and individual physicians with an experienced and trusted advocate and simplifies the credentialing process that otherwise is a complex, time-consuming and tedious undertaking.

Credentialing Program

“Participants are guided through the credentialing process by professionals who have handled the same exact process many times before,” Wortmann said. “The MEDHOST provider credentialing program removes the pressure put on resources within a practice management team. We help gauge and prepare the appropriate resources and infrastructure for current and future demands that impact affiliated and independent physicians and healthcare organizations.”

Especially, MEDHOST provider credentialing includes several important benefits:

  • Specifically, Verifies a physician’s medical experience and expertise;
  • Upholds a facility’s reputation as a provider of quality healthcare services; and
  • Also, Verifies information and documentation for accuracy and compliance, payer standards and more, much like an audit.


MEDHOST is a provider of market-leading enterprise, departmental and healthcare engagement solutions to approximately 1,000 healthcare facilities. Our healthcare management system includes intuitive, easy-to-use and SaaS-enabled solutions complemented by a robust suite of managed hosting, outsourcing and consulting services that are changing how clinicians and hospital leaders work and communicate, while generating notable operational, patient flow, care and revenue improvements. Specifically, MEDHOST delivers value by enabling hospitals of all types and all sizes to better manage care and the business of healthcare while meeting evolving regulatory requirements.

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