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New Solution Suite Helps Hospitals Thrive as Healthcare Market Shifts to Consumerized Care

YourCareUniverse provides patient-centered digital solutions through comprehensive, cloud-based solutions that deliver the power to transform and engage

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – February 3, 2015 – MEDHOST today announced the formation of YourCareUniverse, Inc. YourCareUniverse provides solutions that help healthcare facilities cultivate a loyal customer base, while substantially improving operational performance and efficiency. As healthcare transforms to a consumer-centric, value-based model, YourCareUniverse offers a full solutions suite that engages the consumer to take action for their health and makes provider-related tasks automated and incredibly simple.

The company already has a notable history in providing cloud-based solutions that improve patient engagement with 330 healthcare facilities and over 6 million patients sharing data and collaborating through its patient portal. YourCareUniverse builds upon this vast market presence and experience, providing an integrated consumer relationship management solution with integrated market-based analytics on a multi-tenant cloud-based Information Exchange platform.


“As a platform for engaging patients, consumers and the entire community, YourCareUniverse represents a dramatic evolution in the healthcare ecosystem, while maintaining the healthcare consumer as the central focal point,” said Lionel Tehini, President of YourCareUniverse, Inc. “YourCareUniverse delivers robust features through an integrated solution that enables healthcare facilities to transform their power to influence, engage and manage the patients and consumer community they serve. As healthcare moves towards a value-based landscape and the consumer becomes more informed and accountable, YourCareUniverse drives transformational change by enabling facilities to execute critical strategies and build patient loyalty and trust.”

The YourCareUniverse suite is composed of three main solution categories – Guidance Interaction to support patient and consumer interaction; Staff Empowerment to provide intuitive solutions that improve healthcare staff and provider effectiveness; and Cloud Platform, which reduces the total cost of ownership, enabling easy adoption and rapid deployment. The YourCareUniverse product roadmap includes the development of a wide range of solutions. Several of these game-changing applications are already available to the marketplace, including:


part of Guidance Interaction, YourCareHealth specifically provides patients and caregivers with online access to Personal Health Records (PHR) and tools to enable interaction with providers.


part of Staff Empowerment, through-an-easy to access portal, YourCareProvider especially facilitates communication between the physician, care team and patient.


also part of Staff Empowerment. Especially, YourCareReferral enables a physician or care team member to easily refer a patient to another provider, clinic or facility.


included in the Cloud Platform, YourCareAnalytics provides a big data analytics solution for patient and community risk stratification of both clinical and financial metrics.


included with Staff Empowerment, YourCareInteract is a solution that leverages YourCareAnalytics and integrates Salesforce to create concise marketing campaigns to a hospital’s patient population or community.


part of the Cloud Platform, YourCareCommunity specifically provides an Information Exchange and is the framework for all solutions within YourCareUniverse.


as a solution in the Cloud Platform, YourCareLink is especially a turnkey interface engine supporting independent data transmission and interface needs.


also part of the Cloud Platform, YourCareData is a single source of truth for patient data across the enterprise.

YourCareUniverse also includes COMPASS (Community Program for Adoption and Strategic Success), a comprehensive program that assists health systems adapt to this new world of healthcare to drive patient adoption, facilitate action and influence behavioral changes throughout their community. COMPASS is a prescriptive program that especially, guides health systems through every touch point, protocol and workflow. Moreover, The program validates current or needed success patterns and helps health organizations and their staffs embrace the power of virtualizing patient interactions. The result is new ways to optimize the patient experience while helping to maximize cost-savings and efficiencies.

About YourCareUniverse

YourCareUniverse, Inc., a MEDHOST company, provides especially, a comprehensive, integrated, cloud-based solution for managing the digital patient and supporting the consumer in a way that enables a healthcare organization to be the trusted source of health information and services within their community. So, For more information, please visit

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