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Video: History of MEDHOST


For those who call rural America’s vast landscapes home, the hospital often represents the beating heart of their communities. MEDHOST understands the value these essential healthcare providers hold for the people they serve and the unique challenges they face. For more than 35 years it has been a key part of our mission to help make sure those vital rural lifelines remain resilient, relevant, and strong.

Over the past three decades the healthcare industry has evolved —new healthcare technologies like the electronic health record and patient portals have helped provide better access to care, improve delivery, and enhance the patient experience. However, many of those healthcare innovations often leave rural populations on the fringes.

As the need for relevant healthcare services grow in rural America, we believe no community should ever be left without access to quality care. Access to high quality care in the far-removed parts of our country is not just a necessity, it is a right. With a spirit built upon collaboration, energized by a good deal of innovative agility, we are proud of a history that reflects that ideal.

In celebration of our 35 years of partnerships with both community and corporate hospitals, we’d like to share with you our journey towards that vision. We invite you to turn back the clock with us to 1984 to see how we became one of the most trusted leaders in the healthcare IT industry.

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