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Video: A Special Message from MEDHOST’s Nurse Family


Nurses Appreciation Day is on May 6th, and as a member of the healthcare community with more than 20 nurses on our full-time staff, we’re more than happy to celebrate this observance.

We’re proud of our nurse family and their fellow colleagues working all across the nation to help keep our population healthy. As far as we are concerned, every day is a day to appreciate the important contributions of nurses.

Through all of healthcare’s many transitions, we believe nurses have always stood as critical factors in the healthcare process as care professionals, primary patient advocates, and health educators. We actively seek out individuals with hands-on clinical experience as a way to further enhance our healthcare data tools and services. These members of our staff are vital to making sure we continue to meet the evolving needs of those tasked with saving lives and keeping us well.

Hear from our team of nurse professionals about how their care backgrounds help us equip nurses with the straightforward resources they need to be most effective in promoting excellent patient outcomes.

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