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Testimonial: Maintaining Growth in Rural Healthcare Through a Strong HIT Partnership


Driven by a vision of compassionate and personalized patient care, the Mt. San Rafael Hospital family has embraced a culture of technology as a means to sustainability and success. By smartly integrating healthcare IT (HIT) systems through a collaborative partnership with MEDHOST, the critical access hospital has been able to consistently provide exceptional care to the people of Trinidad, CO and the surrounding area.

As can be seen through the experience of Mt. San Rafael Hospital, investing in strategic HIT partnerships can help standalone rural hospitals find strong footing in a competitive healthcare marketplace. The Southern Colorado provider is blazing a clear pathway to improved overall hospital operations and patient care that healthcare organizations at all levels can follow.

“Technology is more than just a line item cost,” says Michael Archuleta, Mt. San Rafael Hospital CIO. “With the right applications and partners, an investment in technology can become a profit center for a hospital.”

In the video Archuleta expands on how their business partnership with MEDHOST has helped support the community hospital in their efforts to provide improved access to care and create better outcomes.

MEDHOST is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work side-by-side with organizations like Mt. San Rafael Hospital who recognize the value HIT offers patients and clinicians. Watch the entire story to learn how this growing partnership is continuing to help transform care, operations, and the patient experience in a rural healthcare setting.

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