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Video: Intro to Interoperability - What It Is and Why Participation is Key


MEDHOST's Director of Interoperability gives a quick breakdown on one of the most critical challenges facing the healthcare IT sector, especially EHR providers. In this video, Laskaris talks about what interoperability is, how it has evolved, what it will take to achieve, and why full-on participation is important for its success.

We believe nationwide interoperability is essential for ensuring a bright future for healthcare. If healthcare is a journey, interoperability is the key that works to minimize wrong turns in a patient’s care. In the most basic sense, the idea is to make it easier for healthcare providers to exchange relevant patient data and track patient care—no matter where they go.

Interoperability can be a powerful tool for all healthcare providers, but even more so for rural and community hospitals. Often the patient populations served by these smaller hospitals have no choice but to seek care from facilities using independent health data networks. Interoperability, along with healthcare information exchanges (HIE) can work to improve care transitions for both rural and community hospitals, which can lead to better health outcomes for a critical patient population.

Interoperability is a patient-focused enterprise designed to ensure seamless care continuity. It’s a healthcare initiative that has far-reaching applications and a new concept MEDHOST is helping support.

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