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YourCare Suite


Our EHR comes fully-equipped with rich clinical and financial solutions that leverage patient and consumer data, condition management outreach, and population trends to help you better understand your community and patient base. With integration through our patient engagement platform, hospitals can provide excellent care and service that goes beyond the walls of their facility.

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Quality patient care means creating meaningful connections. At the center, tying all those connections together is the hospital

MEDHOST helps streamline and strengthen connections between hospitals, patients, and other providers with IT solutions that work across the care cycle.

YourCare Suite allows your clinicians to create notes, manage orders, and schedule care in a single patient record so you can preserve existing IT investments.

Patients can use mobile-friendly features to access their health data and send secure messages to their clinicians.

YourCare helps hospitals improve returns and reduce costs by keeping patients in network and avoiding readmissions.

Today’s patients want health management tools that reflect their everyday lives, and providers want to deliver the best possible experience.

An improved healthcare experience makes everyone happy – from patients to clinicians to hospital CFO’s.

YourCare. Bringing clinicshospitals…and patients together.

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