7 Practical Strategies for Strengthening, Sustaining America’s Rural Hospitals

Community hospitals across America are at a crossroads. Declining inpatient volumes, reductions in reimbursement, and other pressures have forced the closure of 83 rural hospitals since 2010.

The most recent U.S. Census data shows that about 60 million people live in rural areas,3 and these individuals and families depend on rural hospitals to for their care. Patients served by rural hospitals tend to be poorer and experience higher rates of chronic disease.

According to the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), nearly another 673 rural hospitals—about a third of those in operation—are at risk of closing unless we work together to help them survive and thrive in today’s challenging environment.

In this white paper, we outline seven practical strategies to help rural hospitals reduce costs. Also, improve patient experience, and engage their communities.

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