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Mind the Gap: Improved Community Care Facilitation Boosts Patient and Provider Satisfaction

Mind the Gap whitepaper thumbnailIn the modern healthcare landscape, care coordination is an imperfect system. Gaps in communication, whether caused by human error or a disjointed healthcare ecosystem, can have harmful consequences for both patient and provider. For instance, misplaced or faxed referrals or prescription orders can fall through the cracks. As physicians across multiple facilities interact, this could lead to a lost patient encounter for the provider and a poor experience for the patient.

However, the disruption caused by the consumerization of healthcare - coupled with the tectonic shift toward a value-based model of care - affords healthcare organizations and facilities the opportunity to evolve their services and care coordination offerings to match the changing expectations of patients and meet new industry standards.

In this white paper, we will pinpoint the challenges that warrant the creation of a more effective and efficient system of coordinated community care, with specific focus on streamlined, vendor-agnostic solutions.

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