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Cost Analysis of a Hosted Healthcare IT Solution

Cost Analysis of a Hosted Healthcare IT Solution

A hospital is also most likely to face a financial life event that may require them to rethink an investment in their various healthcare IT (HIT) infrastructures. Expected or unexpected, HIT such life events can include:

  • Replacing IT solutions no longer supported or meeting regulatory demands
  • Hospital leadership and/or ownership changes
  • Significant reductions in resources or staff turnover
  • Natural disasters or security breaches

Once a hospital is faced with revisiting their HIT strategy and solution, they have to make a decision that bears a lot of weight. Planning for an IT investment should include a review of potential long-term returns as well as short-term up-front savings.

A quick overview of healthcare IT expenditures highlights that organizations nationwide are spending in the billions on cloud services and IT outsourcing. Why? In many cases these solutions can offer the most benefits for the least amount of long-term cost.

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