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Business Intelligence Solutions - Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Data?

Is your data helping you to make the critical business decisions, optimize resources and, helping you optimize your revenue and minimize your expenses?

There is data everywhere you look. It may not have real value, though, if you don’t have proper tools to aggregate it and, most importantly, to utilize it to take your facility to the next level of operational, financial and clinical performance. Healthcare organizations have set their strategic goals to transition from volume-based business models to value-based business models that require operations to be more productive, efficient and outcome-driven. Providers will have to find ways to do more with less and become increasingly accountable for better results and performance.

Furthermore, as the population health management takes the center stage of the healthcare industry discussion. The focus shifts from not only managing the existing patients but the community at large. This requires a paradigm shift and new sets of information, tools and skills to serve the future needs. We will need to change the way care is being delivered, moving away from reactive medicine to proactive and preventive medicine. There is a critical need for pragmatic and strategic thinking, which only can be achieved with measurements and results of what is working and what is not.

The good news is that healthcare organizations already have the data to better manage their patients’ health, revenue cycles and clinical outcomes; they just need to begin integrating clinical and claims data with proper business intelligence tools that provides a full view of their organizations. Moreover, analytics can address specific objectives that support organizational goals and priorities.

There are four top goals and desired outcomes that drive a need for a business intelligence solution:

  • Financial and administrative improvement
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Patient satisfaction and clinical improvement
  • Meeting regulatory requirements such as Meaningful Use
To achieve these goals, you need a business intelligence solution that gives a comprehensive financial and operational view of your organization and offers:
  • Configurable rules engine
  • Scalable and flexible architecture
  • Comprehensive regulatory reporting and compliance
  • Powerful portfolio of features and capabilities
  • Platform independence with a hosted or on-premise option

Some healthcare organizations are currently using reporting tools for day-to-day operations. Also, may not be taking full advantage of the data they have. In contrast, forward-thinking organizations are using analytics to make strategic business decisions that not only help them perform better in their daily operations but that also pave the way for their long-term success. Moreover, These organizations employ technology and services to improve present and future operational, financial and clinical outcomes.

MEDHOST Business Intelligence is a highly modular and Web-based interoperable platform for healthcare business intelligence and analytics. Our scalable solution offers a panoramic ecosystem of pre-built apps covering more than 600 key performance indicators. Especially, around clinical, financial, operational and regulatory reporting with powerful end-user capabilities.


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