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Tuesday October 20, 2020  |  Shawn Wiese, MEDHOST Director, Product Regulatory Compliance

Caution on Cures!

Caution on Cures EHR

ONC published goals for Cures are “promote health and wellness, enhance the delivery and experience of care, build a secure, data-driven ecosystem to accelerate research and innovation, and connect healthcare and health data through an interoperable health IT infrastructure”.

Admirable goals, but as with much government speak, some caution is in order. 

Large data sets are likely to provide insights that will improve patient care. Patient access to records will enable collaboration that should over time improve general health. Interoperability should allow providers wider choice in the tools they purchase and employ. This benefit will be particularly valuable as the pandemic drives acceptance of remote patient care. 

Ah, but these benefits also have a risk. They significantly expand the competitive landscape for a facility. Prospective patients can be identified and engaged digitally. Routine care may in many instances be delivered remotely. These possibilities increase the probability that the ambulance will pass your facility for that digitally sophisticated competitor. 

MEDHOST is prepared to assist you meet these challenges. Through ongoing regulatory changes, we maintain a commitment to deliver timely, cost-effective solutions, to help hospitals save time and resourcesreduce cost, maximize revenue, and create better experiences for the communities they serve.  

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