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Revenue Cycle Services

With MEDHOST Revenue Cycle Services you can improve financial performance by establishing process improvement and visibility into your Accounts Receivables.

Our complete Business Office Outsourcing Service include full underpayment recovery as part of Contract Management Services, on-demand access to a custom reporting engine through Reporting Services, and customized statements through Patient Statements Processing.

MEDHOST can build a custom service offering to meet the specific needs of your hospital and community. Equip your hospital with our system experts and industry leading technology.

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    MEDHOST Offers the Following Revenue Cycle Services

    Insurance Billing

    Our dedicated team of billing and claims management specialists help accelerate your claim submission process. With complete transparency, patient accounts are billed directly out of the MEDHOST system to the insurance payers through the hospital’s clearinghouse after any claim edits and rejections are resolved.

    Account Insurance Follow-Up

    Account follow-up is performed on outstanding claims and work accounts until insurance payment resolution is reached. Account status is obtained in ways that help reduce manual workloads, enabling your team to focus more resources on denied claims.

    Cash Posting

    Rely on dedicated resources to post Electronic Remittances (ERA) and manual payments directly into the MEDHOST EHR system in a timely manner so hospital patient accounts move quickly to the next payer.

    Denial Tracking

    We work with you to identify root causes of denials and recommend workflow improvement as well as denial prevention processes.

    Contract Management

    Our Contract Management solution and services are designed to help ensure your hospital is accurately paid for work performed. Contract Management offers:

    • Contract Maintenance
    • Underpayment Identification
    • Underpayment Recovery

    Online Bill Pay

    Enable your patients to smartly manage their healthcare financial obligations. With targeted messaging delivered by an analytics platform, patients are made aware of appropriate payment solutions based on their profile. Your patients can choose from several payment options like quick pay or autopay.


    Designed to help you gain visibility into the clinical, financial, and revenue cycle performance of your hospital. Our Reporting Services deliver value to hospitals with granularity, expertise, and dashboard reporting.

    Patient Statements

    Get access to clear financial communications that incorporate your branding and personalized messaging. Our statement processing service promotes an intelligent communication strategy along with a production monitoring system and premium file management to provide superior results.

    Additional Services

    Improve productivity, workflow, and cash flow by collaborating with our team on customized projects. Pulling from various expertise, we can help you identify and improve multiple areas of the receivable management process.